Low hard disk space because of JobServer

JobServer logs by default in debug mode.
The log-level of service JobServer is in "debug" level by default. This could cause storage space problems on the server where the JobServer is running.
To change the log level of the service, please edit the following file:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Web\JobServer\web.config" ...

  • ...the parameter <!--<maximumFileSize value="50MB" />--> should be uncommented (just delete the red marked characters). This will limit the file to 50MB. Be sure to delete the existing job server log file after making this change.


  • ... for the parameter <level value="DEBUG" /> you can set it to "ERROR" or "WARNING ". This means that there are only error or warnings written in the log file.
  • After saving the web.config file, the JobServer is initialized automatically.