Sometimes it could be possible that the date format in Connect to Outlook dialog does not match the date format in the Webclient or simply you need/want to change it. For example, it could be in en-US (American) format and you need it in en-EN (British).


  • Close all web browsers as well as Outlook, open internet explorer and go onto the DocuWare Web Client. Log in with either the credentials or log in as “Windows account“.
  • Once logged in click the arrow tab next to the logged in user’s name. Click on Settings; within the settings window that appears you will have “Regional Settings“. Change the Date/Number Format to English (United Kingdom) then click Save & Close.
  • Log out of the DocuWare Web Client, and then re log back in. Once logged back in click the arrow tab next to the logged in user’s name and click “Connect Desktop Apps“. A pop up message in the top right of the web client will appear saying “Your desktop apps have been connected successfully. You may now start using your apps”
  • Open outlook, once loaded click the DocuWare add in tab integrated into Outlook and click “Logout” and then click “Login”. The store dialog will now have the correct United Kingdom format for the date in your store dialog.