Which configuration options can I optimize to get the best possible performance from the PresentationVM?

To provide best performance you may take the following topics into consideration:

  • Current Version of Virtualization solution:
    • VMWare
      With DocuWare 6.9 we changed the Operation System to Windows 10. With regards to VMWare the recommended version to run Windows 10 as a guest OS is VMWare version 12
    • VirtualBox
      VirtualBox supports Windows 10 for a few versions. However, the recommended version of VirtualBox is 5.1
    • Current Additions
      Both solutions require additional tools to work properly:
      VMWare Tools
      VirtualBox Guest Additions
      Please update the appropriate tool to match the version of virtualization you are running on your machine.
    • Settings of Virtual Machine:
      For proper use of the VM you need to consider the following hardware specs for your notebook:
      • Memory:                                      8 GB
        Notebooks with 4 GB may not be able to provide the necessary memory to VM and Host system. In such cases you shall reduce the memory assigned to VM to 2 GB. Please bear in mind that less memory may lead to reduced performance. Some older notebooks may report 4GB of RAM but only use 3.8GB. Those notebooks may not be used to run DocuWare’s Presentation VM
      • Harddisks:
        It is highly recommended to use SSD hard drives in combination with the VM. If your notebook does not provide internal SSD but supports USB3 then you may consider purchasing an external SSD harddrive. We tested Samsung’s MU-PT250GB but you may use any other device with a transfer rate of 450 MB/s or higher
      • Powermanagement:
        Make sure that you set your power management to “high performance” and that your notebook is connected to external power.
      • Network:
        There is no need to connect the VM to the internet for presentation. To avoid any side-effects from background processes (e.g. Updates) please set the network option to “Host-Only”.
      • Activating Windows and Office
        • To activate Windows 10 and Microsoft Office you have to switch the network settings to “NAT”
        • Start the VM and log-in as “admin”
        • Activate Windows and Office using your personal product keys
        • Shut down the VM, change the Network settings back to “Host-Only” and create your basic snapshot
        • Preparation for Presentation:
          • Make sure that your host system is not busy with tasks that consume high percentage of CPU or Memory. CPU shall be not higher than 20%, the lower the better, before you start your VM
          • Performance Indicators
            • It is a know fact that first run of DocuWare activities (Start Client, Web-Scan, View Documents, Intelligent Indexing…) take a few seconds longer as additional libraries need to be loaded into Internet Information Service (IIS). It is highly recommended
              • To start Web-Scan or Import incl. Intelligent Indexing (up to documents showing up in tray including Intelligent Indexing Indicator) for the AP process
              • To search for documents “Leisurepark Moser” and view the documents in the result list for the Document Pool Presentation
  • Reference
    As a reference system we use a Microsoft Surface 3 Pro with Intel i7 Processor and 8 GB of RAM
    • Account Payable Process
      • Webscan of invoices with Scanprofile “Barcode – Intelligent Indexing” and Import configuration “Intelligent Indexing” shall present the documents in the tray no later than 60-70 sec after hitting the Scan-Button (with Automatic Upload)
      • Workflow task shall update no later than 3 sec after confirmation
      • Troubleshooting
        • Timeout uploading documents, no automatic updating of trays or lists
          • Please check as user “admin” the status of the network connection in DocuWare MessageBus Administration:
            • Start c:\program files\docuware\power tools\DocuWare.MessageBus.Administration.EXE
            • Check if the network setting is “Default (No registry entry)”
            • If not please follow these steps:
              • Close all applications except the MessageBus Administration
              • Shut down all DocuWare Services
              • In MessageBus Administration switch the network adapter to “Default” and remove all private Message Queues
              • Start the Internet Information Server (IIS) and recycle the App Pool (“DocuWare Platform Services App Pool”)
              • Start all DocuWare services again
              • Shutdown the VM and create a new snapshot
              • After this procedure the VM shall run with the above mentioned performance indicators
  • No additional known issues