Be careful! If you reset the Modelspace then all trained data will be deleted and Intelligent Indexing will start learning from beginning.
This article is only for DocuWare on-premises systems in combination with Intelligent Indexing on-premises. Please open a Support Request if you want to reset the Modelspace of a DocuWare Cloud System.

How to reset the Intelligent Indexing Modelspace on-premises?

Please follow the below steps to reset the Intelligent Indexing Modelspace on-premises:

  1. Please open the Intelligent Indexing web interface using a web browser.
    This link depends on the installation. These are examples by default:

  2. Log in with the credentials.
  3. After you logged in please click on on "/IntelligentIndexing/Html"

  4. Click on the default Modelspace. You can see the used Modelspace in the web-configuration under "Intelligent Indexing".

  5. You can then reset the Modelspace using the menu item "Operations". Click "Reset" under "Reset the model data of this Modelspace".