In the DocuWare 7 version, the combination of the following can result in an unexpectedly large number of documents being displayed in the result list:

This behavior only affects DocuWare 7; the current version, DocuWare 7.1, is not affected.
The authorization concept is based on index filter profiles with SQL statements.
When searching an archive, the full-text catalog is used for the search
Although the documents are listed, it is not possible to display documents if the authorization concept is correctly configured. If this is attempted from the result list, a corresponding error message appears if no access is permitted for the logged on user account.

The following possibilities exist to avoid this anomaly:

  • Update to DocuWare 7.1
  • Deactivating the Full Text Functionality
  • Set up a workaround as described in the following section.


  1. Navigate to the following folder of your DocuWare installation
  2. Create a new empty file with the following name:
  3. Copy the following text into the file DocuWare.Content.settings:
    <section name="ContentConfig" type="DocuWare.Content.Shared.Implementation.ContentConfig, DocuWare.Content.Shared.Implementation" />
    <section name="Unity" type="Microsoft.Practices.Unity.Configuration.UnityConfigurationSection, Unity.Configuration" /></configSections>
    <ContentConfig LockExpirationCleanupPeriod="00:01:00" DocumentsForAutoIntellixCount="5" PagesToProcessTogetherForTextshot="8" ImagingSingleOperationTimeout="00:00:45" LongRunnningImagingOperationTimeout="00:01:00">
    <SectionFileConfiguration ReleasePeriod="00:01:00" DeleteRetryCount="3" PollingInterval="00:00:30" />
    <FulltextConfiguration MaxHitsCount="1000" SearchFullTextOnly="false"  FullTextCoreCreationParametersFormatString="name={0}&amp;instanceDir=.&amp;dataDir={1}&amp;loadOnStartup=false&amp;transient=false"/>
    <Unity xmlns="">
    <container name="FulltextProvider">
    <register type="DocuWare.Fulltext.IFullTextFactory, DocuWare.FulltextCommon" mapTo="DocuWare.Fulltext.Solr.DefaultFullTextFactory, DocuWare.SOLRFulltext"/>
    <!--<register type="DocuWare.Fulltext.IFullTextFactory, DocuWare.FulltextCommon" mapTo="DocuWare.Fulltext.Elastic.ElasticFulltextFactory, DocuWare.ElasticFulltext"/>-->
  4. Open your dwmachine.config in the same directory and add the following entry in the "<Settings>" section:
    <setting Key="ContentConfigPath" Value="%ProgramData%\DocuWare\ServerConfig\DocuWare.Content.settings" Encrypted="false"/>
  5. Reset the MSMQ according to the following description: KBA-35787