After upgrading to DocuWare version 7.3 or higher, when attempting to edit an external select list, you receive one of the following errors;


This is due to an empty parameter in the Select List XML at the database level for MSSQL databases.

Before proceeding, take a backup of the DWSYSTEM database.

  1. Select the top 1000 rows for the DWOrganizationSettings database
  2. Open the settings column xml for the select list that is affected (for this example, the "Select List 6" entry was used)

  3. When you open the XML you'll see the tableName parameter has an empty value
  4. You'll need to update the XML with the correct tableName used for the select list connection. Copy the XML and in a new query tab type the following:

    update [dwsystem.[dbo].[DwOrganizationSettings] set settings = 'paste xml here' where setid = 'the setid next to the name of the affected select list'

    In this example I've updated the tableName with "marrietta1".

  5. Execute the query and then refresh your configurations page. You should now be able to edit the previously affected select list without error.

KBA applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.