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Often a cabinet will have multiple document types, and the requirements for these different document types become complex went fields must be made "Required".  In other words one document type may have a field which is required, and another doctype doesn't even use the field at all.  I am wondering if a Mask could be used in a dialog to force an entry.



Above are some Regular Expressions I have tried and failed to prevent storage.  Any thoughts on this?

Instead of this Mask idea, in the past I've employeed a different tactic. I have hidden the "not used" fields, but automatically populated with a single character.  It works, but isn't easy to maintain all these store dialogs.

If only the customer would accept multiple cabinets, but this customer has over two dozen departments, and each department has mulitple doctypes with their own requirements.

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Docuware should've made this change when they made "Select List Only" a property of a store dialog. But for some illogical reasons they did not.

David, the only way I know - other than the method you described, with making field required and hiding it (with preset) values from dialogs where it's not needed - is to use sql INSERT triggers with RAISERROR statement after some preceeding logic. 

With Cloud, I suppose we all have to learn to use Field/Dialog Validations instead of sql triggers


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Field/Dialog Validations has become a requirement that I have to figure out too.  This other account they need to validate what is entered against an HR cloud app that the customer doesn't have much control over.  I'm learning about the DW Desktop App called Local Data Connector Administrator tool.  Seems it does allow ODBC, MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle connections. Heard the database needs to be locally accessible.

Do not see exactly how a validation would work to make sure an empty field is prevented from being saved.

Thanks for the thought provoking response.


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Available since 6.12 there is a new mechanism to customize validation index (OnPremise, SaaS or Cloud)

Need a piece of code as a Webservice but can be tailored as you need

Have a look here:



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