• One Click Indexing Fails with Dates

    See attached image.  One Click Indexing is switching the month and day incorrectly.  This has been tested with multiple 7.3 systems, Cloud and On-Premise, with the same bad result

    For example:

    12-23-2020 will read and index correctly as 12-23-2020

    12-2-2020 will incorrectly be stored as 2-12-2020
  • Backup/Restore Organization in 7.x

    Does Backup and Restore Organization work in 7.x?  We're testing on 7.3, and the System Organization isn't showing up, only the Business Organization (lower half) in the DocuWare Administrator.
  • Shared Tasks within AP Workflow Queue Jumping

    About a dozen AP clerks share a workflow queue, and there are about 3,000 invoices to be processed.  They will sort by Vendor, or maybe ERP Accounting System, and start working their tasks.  When they submit the task, the queue JUMPS to another place, and they find themselves having to move the list up or down to find where they left off to do the next task.  Anyone else seeing such a problem?  They are asking to lock the queue down. 

    They are currently running 7.0, with a planned upgrade eminent.
  • Sorting by Multiple Columns in a Workflow Queue

    It has been noted with Workflow Queues only one column can be pre-sorted.  Result Dialogs can be pre-sorted over three columns.  Is this correct, and should we submit a feature request for this disparity?
  • Upgrade DW 6.9

    Customer has DocuWare v.6.9, sitting on a MSSQL 2005 database and Windows Server 2008.  What is a migration path to DocuWare v.7.2 and Server 2016/MSSQL 2016?
  • RE: DocuWare Tray Disappears

    We have On-Premise version 6.10.

    Any thoughts how it might be determined who made a change to delete a Tray?  Is there an Audit Log to track?
  • DocuWare Tray Disappears

    Has there been any reports of trays disappearing?  They were there to scan to one day, but today they were missing and had to be recreated.
  • Searching Workflows

    A Workflow for AP has thousands of invoices in it.  It was noted it is difficult, if not just a pain to find a particular invoice that needed immediate attention.  Is there a better way?  I showed them to sort the Vendor column, then they might find their invoice by vendor name, but which page would you find "Franks Auto"?  Page 1 of 100 only has half the A's in it.  It can take some time to locate the workflow version of the invoice.

    Doing a Search does not get you the ability to perform Workflow tasks, so it makes not a lot of sense to search in a standard dialog.
  • RE: Result Limit

    Thanks Phil and Joe,

    You've made perfect sense why there is this is limited to 100 per page.

    I will continue this discussion with another request, to search within Workflow.

    Thank you,
  • Result Limit

    In search or workflow, there is a standard limit of 100 results per page.  Is there a way to expand that number to like maybe 1000?