• Ricoh MFP Connector

    KBA-35594 refers to a file "'34094850.txt".  Assuming that is the connector to download.  Can you point the direction where to find this?

  • License for Development AND Testing Environment

    Does DocuWare require any additional licensing for a third environment?  I am sure the second envirnoment for Development can be licensed with the Production license, but can a third Testing Envirnoment use the same Production license too?
  • Windows SSO Login Fails - Prompts for User/Password

    This can be fixed temporarily with an IIS Reset.  But has occured several times over the last month.

    Actually there are two symptoms seen on this newer 7.0 installation.

    1.  Windows Logoin requests credentials
    2.  Enter the web client URL, and get a blank screen, no dialog at all.

  • RE: Fortis Database Lookup vs. DocuWare AutoIndex

    Autofill is an option, but not at all exactly what our customer is looking for.

    • Autofill is watching its own DW database, not the 3rd party SQL tables where the most accurate data lives.
    • Autofill auto-populates the fields based on a single field, which is similar, but the field must exist at least once, or if this is the first time a SSN is used, nothing is found and it doesn’t bring back anything.
    • Only is useful if multiple storage occurrences for the same record data will occur.  If only once, not a solution at all.

    I have found one Post an Idea entry, but has not been around very long since last January, and hasn't much attention yet.


    Do you suppose there is any plans for this?

  • Fortis Database Lookup vs. DocuWare AutoIndex

    We have a Fortis customer who currently enjoys the Fortis Database Lookup function, and is wondering when if at all DocuWare plans to replicate this functionality.

    Fortis Database Lookup perfoms the query and return at the time of indexing.  This means if there are mulitple records returned, the user may select the appropriate record to populate the fields correctly.

    DocuWare AutoIndex performs its lookup and population as a scheduled event based upon criteria.  Then AutoIndex backfills automatically the remaining fields, providing the Multiple Matches option to select the first record it finds, use all data records for indexing (not sure how that behaves), and finally not to index at all.

    Our customer is looking if DocuWare has plans to fix this, or has an alternatve solution that can be done at the time of indexing.
  • Wrong PDF Icon

    I've never seen this before.  For some PDF docs dropped in the tray, the icon is wrong.  This isn't for all docs. I cannot see any thing in the properties of these invoices why there is a difference.



  • Thanks, this worked well for

    Thanks, this worked well for me and I learned something new!

  • Print & Download Tool Bar buttons

    Please confirm, are the tool bars at all controllable by the administrator which tools are available?  This customer would like to disable the Download button for a group of persons.

  • READ Permission

    A customer wants to give permissions to view docs and print them, but not be allowed to download them.  Any thoughts if this can be done?

    I see there is only an EXPORT permission, but nothing that suggests only PRINTING, or only DOWNLOADING.  It appears that DocuWare lumps both of these capabilities into EXPORT

  • Thanks Phil,

    Thanks Phil,

    I do not know what to expect here or what exactly to inform the customer.  So I am simply relaying the customers' queries:

    From the customers' IT manager:

    "Guess main question is should the DW Server be actively scanning these ports?  Wasn't sure if that was the way it operates or if there is something it periodically tries to discover new devices?"

    "Particularly, 3389 (MSRDP), 8080 (proxy), etc.  If it was scanning for a limited number of ports related to DW, that would be justified, but I see:

    ⋄ Total ports scanned: 260

    ⋄ Port range: 9 – 61001

    That is WAY outside the justification for looking for other DW devices/applications.

    Kindly provide some documentation on why this is required, and specifically, which ports are required to be discovered for proper operation.  Otherwise, this will be locked down to prevent further network scanning."


    Any further documentation, thoughts or recommendations to what to do about this if abnormal?