• Not normal?  They are known

    Not normal?  They are known used ports by DocuWare.  So activity there is not normal?  I do not understand.

    My best guess is the customer only recently noticed the activity.  The system has been in place for one year now, with ramping up usage.

  • Security Alerts detected by Customer IT

    The DocuWare server has been tripping security alerts for the past few weeks for portscanning the network:


    TCP Scanning Activity

    ⋄ Total connections: 362

    ⋄ Total ports scanned: 260

    ⋄ Port range: 9 – 61001

    ⋄ Ports of interest: 21, 23, 80, 135, 139, 389, 445, 1433, 3128, 3389, 8080


    Does anyone know if this is normal behavior for a DocuWare server (and if so, why)?

    The system in question is version 6.10.

  • Long Forms

    Looking for experience and best practices for long DocuWare Forms. 

    We have a project where in paper, the referral packet is 33 pages long, we are expected to convert this into a DW Form.  

    My experience is not too long into the form build, the form configuration becomes unresponsive and impossible to use. 

    I'm thinking of building 33 separate forms, and have the last form kick off the next form using the Redirect to the following URL:  -  component under the "Submisssion" tab.  Just wondering if anyone has tried thia approach.

    Otherwise I'm suffering from degrading performance on the form, from the configuration, to the actual user expericence.

  • Delete

  • Blurry Large Format PDF or TIFF Images

    Customer has v 6.10 and claims to need to hit "Edit" and read in the Acrobat Viewer.  Otherwise E sized (33x44) images are not at all readable in the DocuWare viewer.  These are not AutoCad drawings.  They have been scanned and imported into DocuWare.

  • Error when Deleting a Document

    This is a new Cloud customer with v6.12.  They tried to delete a file as DWAdmin and got an error message: Lock for document with ID 235755 failed.

    It was duplicated using another account that had delete permission.

    However I attempted and succeeded at deleting the file without fail.  I've tried to duplicate the issue by copying a file, opening it up usuing a 2nd account, and then attempted to delete using the DWAdmin account. No issue and it deleted even as the file was opened, in view by the 2nd account.


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Any experience out there with installing On-Prem DocuWare on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers?  What was your experience?  Any drop in perfomance?  Gotchas?

  • "Field/Dialog Validations instead of sql triggers"

    Field/Dialog Validations has become a requirement that I have to figure out too.  This other account they need to validate what is entered against an HR cloud app that the customer doesn't have much control over.  I'm learning about the DW Desktop App called Local Data Connector Administrator tool.  Seems it does allow ODBC, MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle connections. Heard the database needs to be locally accessible.

    Do not see exactly how a validation would work to make sure an empty field is prevented from being saved.

    Thanks for the thought provoking response.


  • A Reg Expression to Force an Entry, WITHOUT making field "Required"

    Often a cabinet will have multiple document types, and the requirements for these different document types become complex went fields must be made "Required".  In other words one document type may have a field which is required, and another doctype doesn't even use the field at all.  I am wondering if a Mask could be used in a dialog to force an entry.



    Above are some Regular Expressions I have tried and failed to prevent storage.  Any thoughts on this?

    Instead of this Mask idea, in the past I've employeed a different tactic. I have hidden the "not used" fields, but automatically populated with a single character.  It works, but isn't easy to maintain all these store dialogs.

    If only the customer would accept multiple cabinets, but this customer has over two dozen departments, and each department has mulitple doctypes with their own requirements.

  • Validation

    Here is what the customer wants, and if you could please recommend a solution.

    We have a new DocuWare Cloud Flex system that we have migrated documents from Application Extender (AX).  The process is we import pdfs with only an AX_Number, and then AutoIndex updates the actual indices.

    This is an HR Cabinet full of Employee IDs, and SSNs, along with the employee name. There are multiple records per employee.

    Here's the question:  Is it at all possible to validate that only one SSN be attached to one employee name, and one Empl ID be attached to one employee name, and therefore one SSN to a Employee ID.

    We completed migration and found for whatever reason someone else's SSN attached to another's record. Only the SSN was wrong.  But that SSN belonged to someone else in the organization, therefore the wrong documents could be exposed.

    The customer  says AX will do this sort of validation.  While I've seen the validation check box in each Store Dialog, I do not see where to actually configure any sort of validation.