• Mobile Client Sign On

    Hello All,
    Customer wants Mobile, but doesn't want to sign on all the time.  They think they need Single Sign On (SSO), but we all know SSO isn't a feature available for Mobile.

    However my own testing reveals the user only needs to sign on once.  The user can leave the app, return later and the logon information is retained, no need to sign in again.  This was tested for both Android and iPhone.

    So I think while SSO isn't a thing with Mobile, they only have to enter their PW once, and then again when their PW does change.  Would you agree?

  • Audit Reports Lacking

    The Audit Reports do not provide any detail.  Is this normal, or can it be enabled to provide details?  When changes are made, it is expected to report what was changed. This is especially important to keep track of index field changes.

    I've attached an example image where the properties and value are not filled in, yet I did create a new External Select List with values included.
  • Connect to Mail and Shared Mailboxes

    Is there any experience to confirm my own with use of Connect to Mail to monitor a Shared Mailbox?

    A Shared Mailbox does not use a separate logon.  The Primary user logs onto Outlook and may access both the primary Inbox, and also the shared mailbox Inbox.  Senders can send to either email address, and I will refer to them as EmailA  for the primary and EmailB for the shared.  If someone sent to EmailA, the email is viewed in Outlook in the EmailA Inbox.  An email sent to EmailB is viewed in Outlook in the EmailB Inbox.

    However when configuring Connect to Mail, there appears to be no ability to import the EmailB Inbox, even as the Email Configuration is set for EmailB, but you must use the credentials for the user who can access both EmailA and EmailB.

    Our result appears backwards.  All of the primary email is being ingested, and none of the target Shared Inbox EmailB.
  • Email Accounts Configuration Times Out too quickly

    As a part of the "Connect to Mail" function, there is the "Email Accounts" configuration.  It has been noticed a peculiar behavior where if in the middle of an Email Accounts configuration, and there is some delay, maybe of only 3-5 minutes, the Email Accounts configuration is unable to be completed or tested.  It appears the user account has timed-out, and requires discarding any unsaved work and starting over by logging off and on again.  The user account I do use is the DWAdmin administrator one, so we would expect not to be limited at all. 

    Is there somewhere this time-out value might be extended?
  • New iOS for Mobile Client

    The DocuWare Mobile Client was last updated for Android 8-2-2019 with v4.1908

    Is an update pending on the iOS side?  IOS was last updated 2 months ago with v4.1812.3
  • RE: Workflow Stopped when Document Open

    Version 7.0.  Is there a way to extend the timeout?

  • RE: Workflow Stopped when Document Open

    Actually there was an email sent to the Designers.
  • Workflow Stopped when Document Open

    Has anyone else run into this problem?  Someone happens to have a document (invoice in this case) and workflow attempts to make index field changes, but cannot, due to that invoice being open.  DocuWare attempts every two minutes for only 12 minutes total, and quits.  No message except found in the history of this default.

    If you have experienced this, how did you resolve this?

  • AutoCAD and IIX

    Is Intelligent Indexing supported for AutoCAD drawings?  We have NOT yet tested this.  Running version 7.0.

    Update:  My own testing has proved IIX does indeed function, to the limits of the dpi or compression of the DWG file itself.  Text is quite compressed.  The smallest text does not successfully OCR.
  • Mobile Stamps Over Write Other Stamps

    We are seeing the automatic stamps used in the Mobile Client always chooses the upper left corner.  This is different behavior than the automatic stamps that workflow makes an attempt to find an empty space.

    See attached screenshot.