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Customer is having to run Script Manager as an application. When in application mode, it processes a script that imports from a folder to an inbasket. When we run it in Service mode, the script does not process.


This is Fortis 6.11 and has just been upgarded and migrated to aWindows 2012 server.


I could not find anything here, so I need some help if you could advise.

Publié Wed, 14 Mar 2018 19:44:27 GMT par Chad Folts Professional Services Engineer

Hi Tim,

You will need to first set up Script Manager in the Admin session, which is the session that is being accessed while running as a service.

When you open Script Manager as an application, make sure you right click on the shortcut and Run As Administrator.  Once you do that you will notice that the databases are not yet set up or configured.  Manually configure them again but leave them open, then click Server - Exit.  Then start the Script Manager service again.  You can verify that it is running by checking the logs.  There should be a line that states Monitoring Operations Started.

If you still have trouble or the service still doesn't seem to be working, please open a new Support Request.


Chad Folts
Software Support Manager
Support Team Fortis – Americas

Publié Tue, 16 Jun 2020 12:36:36 GMT par Marie Novak
Is there any 'config' file related to Script Manager?  If so, what is its name and where is it stored?

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