Publié Thu, 14 Feb 2019 15:52:29 GMT par Bernie Svitko

We transfered our data to our new SQL Server yesterday and now all signature stamps are not working. The date and any text type stamp still work. The signature stamps are either bmp or jpeg. A signature stamp that is a text, will work. When I hover over the signature stamp, an "X" in a red circle pops up but the explaination box is empty. We are on V 6.12. Old SQL Server was 2012, new SQL Server is 2016. All Search, Results, and Store dialogs work properly and all documents can be located. Also the bmp and jpeg signature files are located on the DW Server.

Publié Fri, 22 Feb 2019 17:50:21 GMT par Rob Lossow Software Support Specialist Team GREEN

Hello Bernie,

Signature images are embedded in an XML file within the database. It's possible that the SQL upgrader didn't handle these properly, resulting in the image just dissapearing.
I'd recommend trying to re-apply the image in the Administrator Tool. This can be done by signing into the Administrator Tool, locating the affected bitmap stamp, and selecting the '...' symbol on the Bitmap portion. I've attached an image of this as well.


Thank you,

Rob Lossow
Software Support Analyst
Team GREEN Americas

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