Publié Wed, 22 Apr 2020 19:11:57 GMT par Michael Weingand Professional Services Manager
After a migration, users used old server for over three weeks.  When trying to sync I am not allowed to transfer to the target that is the same as the source (old).  How can I accomplish this???  I tried to rename the old cabinet, but it still sees it as the the same.

HELP!!!!!! Please !!!!!
Publié Thu, 23 Apr 2020 14:39:05 GMT par Josef Zayats
I have done this only once, and it was not by choice but out of necessity. Not an easy task. By no means this is recommended by Docuware. Make a good database backup and take all Docuware services down
The reason the sync is not working is that GUIDs of both FCs are the same.
So you'd need to change the GUID of the FC on one of the systems. This only can be done directly in dwsystem database. I suggest you install a sql tool that allows you to search for a value within the whole database and replace it with a new value.
You'd also need to make the same change in two tables in dwdata. Also, rename file at a root folder of each of the FC disks.
Publié Thu, 23 Apr 2020 14:42:32 GMT par Christopher Nicoli Project Manager-Sr Systems Engineer
what you can do is on the new server create a new file cabinet with the same exact index fields. migrate the 3 weeks of data/documents to that new file cabinet then move them from the new file cabinet to the existing file cabinet on the new server

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