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I want to use the internal API feature of Docuware 7.9 to clip 2 documents, is this possible? and can you show an example.

(In the past this required me to use, perhaps the new API options available in 7.9 can eliminate the need for

Publié Tue, 09 Jan 2024 08:18:30 GMT par Gerardo Lisanti Team Leader Product Management
Hi Thomas,

yes it is possible. Select the endpoint:

PUT /FileCabinets/{TrayId/FileCabinetId}/ Operations/ProcessDocumentAction?docId={DocId}

Then in the HTTP Body use following body:
  "DocumentAction": "Append",
  "DocumentActionParameters": {
    "$type": "AppendActionParameters",
    "RemoveSourceDocuments": false,
    "DocumentsInFront": [],
    "DocumentsAtBack": [
        "SourceCabinetId": "ae156510-ffa8-48b1-a3ec-baec3180669c",
        "Documents": [

This will append (clip) the document with ID 123456 from file cabinet ae156510-ffa8-48b1-a3ec-baec3180669c, to the target document document, specified in the URL (route and query). 

If you want to append the document before the target document, move the information from the "DocumentsAtBack" to the "DocumentsInFront" parameter. To append multiple documents, specify the DocIDs delimited by a comma, e.g.: 123456,123457

You'll find this information also in our Knowledge Center (

Viele Grüße / With best regards,
Gerardo Lisanti
Team Leader Product Management  |  DocuWare GmbH

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