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Hey all,

A very weird thing happened after our SQL Server upgrades to our DocuWare (6.11) server, and now it appears to have gone back to the way it was before.

Upgrading our SQL Server from 2012 to 2016 went fine. After the server reboot, DocuWare came back up and all services were green-lit. I brought up a few result lists in the web client and everything looked to be working OK. But I noticed to the far left in the result list there was now a column of checkboxes, and the first document in the search results had that checkbox checked. Right next to the checkbox (to the right) was a little icon I had never seen before. It is hard to describe, like horizontal lines of varying length. Hovering over it did not offer a tooltip.

I wish I had taken a screenshot then, because I came in this morning (the upgrade was on Saturday) and the result lists no longer have that checkbox or icon to the far left.

What might I have been seeing, and why would a database upgrade change the display of a result list? And why would it have changed back to not being there? The only difference this morning is that I am logged directly into my workstation, whereas on Saturday I was accessing it remotely via a VPN connection. I will try again from home tonight and see if I can make the checkbox and icon appear.



Joe Kaufman

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Joe what you described sounds pretty much that your checkboxes were shown because your browser detected touchscreen computer and presumed a touch (tablet) mode vs a regular mouse mode. This can switched unde main webclient menu. Before version 7 the choice was there only if a touchscreen was detected.

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That must be it! Not sure why DocuWare thinks my Mac Mini is running a touch-enabled session, but at least now I know what the checkbox and icon are and why they don't show up here at work!

Joe Kaufman

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