Publié Tue, 17 Oct 2023 20:39:29 GMT par Simon Rashmawi OE Canada Inc. Director of Information Technology

One of our cloud customers keeps on running out of storage space, and needing to purchase more.
They purchased 5GB in end of May, and another 5GB in August.  When I checked the number of stored documents, it showed 350,795 documents using 95% (90.99 GB of 95 GB).  If you divide the number of documents over the total space used, you would get an average of 3.81MB per document.  Does this sound right to you?

MFP's scanner is set to use SlimPDF with colour.  Average PDF file is a couple hundred kilobytes.  How can I check what is the resolution on DocuWare Printer?  What is your customers' average document size?

Any feedback is welcomed.

Thank you
Publié Wed, 25 Oct 2023 00:00:14 GMT par Matthias Wieland Senior Director Support EMEA
Dear Simon Rashmawi! It looks like the Community cannot answer your question. That's why we have opened a Support Request with the Number SR-214429-N7L8W for you. A Software Support Specialist will contact you directly to follow up. We will update this thread with the solution as soon as we have resolved the Support Request. With best regards, DocuWare Support Team

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