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I need to create records in one file cabinet for a set of record from another cabinet, this must be done automatically once a year. The new records include a text field called year, I set a filter in the Trigger tab of Autoindex as in the screenshot, it's works perfectly. Now I want to make the year value dynamic based on the current date at the time of execution, is it possible to do that?
I tried this in (Where Clause): Year(GETDATE()) and Year(Now) but both failed!

Is there another way to achieve that?

Update: I also tried the following but without success, I don't think WHERE CLAUSE accept SQL expressions!



Publié Mon, 16 Jan 2023 08:49:15 GMT par Gerardo Lisanti Product Manager
Hi Ameen,

as this requires a CAST or CONVERT operation on the database, you need to provide the SQL Statement (see screenshot attached)

To do this, you must first activate the "Allow database access via SQL statement" option in DocuWare Administration > DocuWare System > General. Then you can specify a SQL WHERE clause.

However, this is only possible for DocuWare On-Premises.
For DocuWare Cloud, as far as I know, there is currently no solution to make this dynamic.

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Gerardo Lisanti
Product Manager  |  DocuWare GmbH

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