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Client has a file cabinet where they have 2 locations using the file cabinet (File Cabinet = Billing, Location = Tempe or Memphis).  What the client would like is for us to provide a security profile that allows User from Tempe to be able to "Search, View, Edit, and Store" in the File cabinet Documents where Location = Tempe and "Search, View ONLY" Documents where Location = Memphis.  Then Vice Versa for Memphis and Tempe Documents.  Is this possible to do WITHOUT creating separate file cabinets or dialogs?

Publié Wed, 22 Mar 2023 09:47:38 GMT par Simon H. Hellmann Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems GmbH IT-Consultant Document Management Solutions
Hi Daryl, 

yes, that is completely possible. For this, you need to create index value profiles (Check the Knowledge Center here if you don't know how they work).
One easy solution would be as following: 
  • Index Profile 1: Search and View permissions for documents where location="Tempe", assigned to a role "Memphis"
  • Index Profile 2: Search and View permissions for documents where location="Memphis" assigned to a role "Tempe"
  • Index Profile 3: All permissions for documents where location="Tempe" assigned to a role "Tempe"
  • Index Profile 4: All permissions for documents where location="Memphis" assigned to a role "Memphis"
  • Custom Profile 1: Store permission assigned to roles "Memphis" and "Tempe" (or "Default Organization Role" instead)
No changes to dialogs or file cabinets are needed (except the permissions).
The custom profile is needed because Store permissions can not be assigned with an index profile. A User can either store documents into a file cabinet or can not do so – because at the time of storing the document, we do not know any index entries, so no index profile can apply.

If you really need to configure it in a way that users from Memphis can not store documents for Tempe, you do need two store dialogs, both with a prefilled value in the read-only field location.

Hope this helps.

Greetings from Germany,
Simon H. Hellmann
DocuWare System Consultant

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