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Hey all,

As we are trying to make sure one of our departments doesn;t start adding a lot of new cabinets and document trays without at least us being granted permissions, I found something sort of weird about document trays.

I just created three document trays, all with the name "Test", and all pointing to the same underlying file cabinet for default storage.

That is SUPER confusing, and I do not see how it should be allowed. There is no way to determine which cabinet is which when selecting it from the "Document trays" toolbar button, and the same goes for selecting a document tray for something like a Commect To Outlook storage target.

All three document trays are definitely their own entities, as I was able to place different documents in each and they stay separate.

For now, we are just doing our best to insure a "best practice" of specifically naming document trays, but why is this allowed? Anything user-facing should be unique within the DW system such that such confusion cannot be made manifest, no?



Joe Kaufman


PS. I verified that you cannot duplicate the user-friendly name for file cabinets, something I was pretty sure of but actually had never tried... That is why I was surprised I could duplicate a document tray name.

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It is actually desinged that way. The reason being that all users have a default try called Inbox. The actual ID of the tray is a GUID making each tray unique, even though they may have the same display name.
The File Cabinets on the other hand have a unique folder in the file system based on the name of the file cabinet. That is why they cannot be duplicated.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support - Americas

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It is mighty confusing for all document trays other than default inboxes (and even default inboxes, actually)... Especially with sometihng like C2O configurations that target storage to a document tray -- there is literally no way to know which target is which if trays have the same name and if someone with full access (like an admin) is setting up the C2O configurations.

What if I wanted to set up C2O configurations for every user so that they could store emails directly to their own inbox? If everyone named their inbox "Inbox", I would see just "Inbox" listed dozens of times and have no idea which was which.

How does anyone do centralized configuration and administration of inboxes if all of them have the same name? As I mentioned before, best practices offer a way around that, but we are going to have to watch this like a hawk to make sure we don't end up with indistinguishable duplicates within our organization...



Joe Kaufman

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