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I was wondering if it is possible to set an import configuration (from folder or from email inbox) so that incoming documents are not stored as new documents but attached to previous ones. I haven't seen any configuration to do that but just in case ;)

Provided it is not possible, I was planning to develop something to achieve this. Unfortunately, SDK documentation is not as well documented and open as I would like and I'm not sure whether is possible to have some stuff done by code. My first idea is:

1.Set and run an email import configuration. Documents are placed into a basket.

2.Prepare an application. Via SDK query the basket, grab the document, read its indexes, find a document in the FileCabinet, and then attach the document in the basket. Is this even possible?

Now something even better.

Steps 1 & 2 but in this case, updating the version of the stored document during the process:

1.Before: A stored document with version 1.0

2.After: A stored document with a new attachment with version 2.0. Yet, is this even possible?

Thank you.

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The .NET help has some examples of merging documents:

But it looks like the ContentMergeOperation only supports stapling and clipping.

For pure attachments, I searched the URL resources page for the Platform service and cannot find the word "attach" anywhere on there. I have not done much with attachments, so I do not know the difference between attaching, clipping, and stapling.

I also have not done anything with versions in the Platform service. But hopefully someone will weigh in, at least with some additional .NET examples.



Joe Kaufman

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