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Here's some background.  There are hundreds of thousands of documents, and I need to lengthen a status field which is currently only 15 characters.  While that is enough typically, it does not let me do compound triggers in Workflow Designer. 

e.g.  Invoice Status > equals > New OR Pre-Approved

Normally that would work, but here it does not because "New OR Pre-Approved" is more than 15 characters, and in Workflow Designer, you cannot enter more than 15 characters for an index value which is limited to 15 characters.

So, I'm using a tempoary field "Longer Invoice Status" of length 100 and using autoindex to populate it.  I'll later delete the original field, recreate it also at 100 chars.

However, it's taking such a long time to run that documents will have their Invoice Status changed, and the Longer Invoice Status will be stale by the time I sync that back into the new (longer) Invoice Status field.


Can I simply use Autoindex with a filter comparing Invoice Status to Longer Invoice Status?  I'm hoping there is a way to use the "IS (where clause)" comparison option, but I cannot figure out what syntax to use.  I'd like to process only documents ...


NOTE: This is a cloud system, so I have absolutely no access to the database.

Thanks to everyone that may have some idea.



In Workflow, I am using "If _ALL_ of the following conditions are fulfilled" :

  • Document type > equals > Invoice In
  • Invoice Status > equals > New OR Pre-Approved
  • Invoice Status > has changed

Therefore using "If _ANY_ of the following conditions.."  is not an option.

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I think you can just use this in the SQL Qury window:


No quotes or other modifiers.


Phil Robson
Senior Director Support Americas

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