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How can I create external file connections in DocuWare Cloud?

In a local DocuWare installation, it is possible to specify a storage location, that contains external files to be used for select lists and Autoindex jobs. In DocuWare Cloud this location is automatically created for you and files can be placed there via FTP:

  1. Log into your cloud system, using your administrative credentials e.G.
  2. Go into Web-Configuration and click on "FTP". Here you will find a unique FTP location for your organization, highlight and copy it to the clipboad.
  3. Open a File Explorer window on your PC and paste in the FTP location, you can now drag and drop your text or csv files into this location.
  4. Open DocuWare Adminstration and create a new file connection under your organization. Click on the "File Name" elipses. You will find out, that all files, you dropped into the FTP location, are available for selection. Now you can proceed with creating a file connection to be used for select lists or Autoindex.