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What is DocuWare's recommendation as to which user should run DocuWare Services and Application Pools?
  • All DocuWare Services (except DocuWare Desktop Service) and all DocuWare Application Pools in IIS should always run under the same user. This user should be also added to the local administrator role in Windows.
    If this is not the case, MSMQ problems or other access problems may occur.

  • If any of the services are installed on other machines then the user assigned to the service must have local administrative rights on all of the DocuWare servers.
  • When running DocuWare in a domain, the best method is to create a domain user for the services and add them to the domain administrators group.
  • When a service is accessing the file system via a UNC-path (e.g. Active Import or DocuWare Import), it is important to ensure that the service user has sufficient rights on the shared path.
If you need help from DocuWare Support and these settings are not set as recommended, Support will advise you to set them.

Also, it is important to ensure that the password policy does not allow the password of the service user to expire. When it does, the DocuWare services will not start until the password for all of the services on all of the machines is reset!