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How do you create a DocuWare Request Export?

Complete the following to create a DocuWare Request Export;

1. First, we need to create a storage location with a UNC path that is shared with Everyone.

2. In DocuWare Administration, right click on "Storage Locations," Create a new storage location, then name it and add the UNC Path. Once completed click "Apply" at the bottom right.

3. On the configurations page, accessible from the Web Client, select "Request"  

4. Click the "New Request export" to add a new configuration.      

5. In the "General" tab, select which file cabinet you are exporting from along with which result list you intend to use.

We also can decide in what format you want the document to export in, options of what you want exported and enabled, and filters that allow you to only export documents that meet a certain criteria.

Note: "Include Document Versions" can only be check off if the file cabinet you are exporting from has Version Management enabled in the file cabinet settings.

6. The "Schedule" tab allows us to decide when we want the export to happen.
It can be configured to run on command once the export is saved, or as a reoccurring event.

7. The "Permissions" tab allows us to assign users who can edit and execute this export by clicking the "+" at the bottom left


8. Once the request export has been saved, return to the initial request export screen and run the job. If you hover over your newly created configuration, these options will appear. To start job manually, click the "Play" symbol

9. In the Storage location you created will be the DocuWare Request Zip file that you have exported.

10. Right-click the DocuWare Request folder, go to properties and make sure the folder is not blocked. 

11. Right-click the DocuWare Request Zip folder and Extract all to a desired location.

12. Open DocuWare Request Folder and right-click DocuWareRequest.exe. Run the application as administrator.

13. Now, we can search for the files that were exported.

KBA applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.