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When opening a search filter in the admin tool, such as in a file cabinet profile or an autoindex job, the frame may be empty or blank instead of displaying the query builder.

The query builder is actually an HTML application rendered in an Internet Explorer frame within the admin tool. There are two reasons why it may not display properly.

  1. Internet Explorer is out of date. To display properly, make sure the machine you are running the admin tool from has IE10 or later. IE9 is not supported.

  2. The platform server is being blocked by Internet Explorer’s security settings.

Perform the following steps to fix the issue:

  • Right click on the empty frame and click properties. This will provide the URL for the HTML application. Highlight and copy it to the clipboard.

  • Paste the URL into an Internet Explorer window. This must be done in Internet Explorer. You cannot use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

  • In Internet Explorer go to Tools (gear icon) -> Internet Options -> Security Tab.

  • Highlight ‘local intranet’ and click sites, then advanced.

  • Paste the link into this box and hit add.

  • Close all dialogs and refresh the page. The query builder should appear.

  • Close and reopen the admin tool. The filter should be working here as well now.

Note: If the option to add sites to the local intranet zone is disabled, then the sites are controlled by a group policy. You will need to provide the URL to the system administrator to have it added to the local intranet zone.