• Mathias

    Not my position to question competency of Docuware staff involved in making this update such a disaster for all of us. But I know if at my work, or at any of our customers installations, I would undertake an upgrade of any of system components, not even enterprize critical, and as a result the system - upgraded or not - would not be available to users for more than few days (not even a week), I'd be out of my job. And my manager would be out after 2 weeks. I am sure most of us here feel the same.

    I hope you understand how frustraiting and disappointing these weeks - now it's almost 3 - have been to all of us, for community that lives by DocuWare..


  • "Field can't be EMPTY" should be made property of Store Dialogs.

    Docuware should've made this change when they made "Select List Only" a property of a store dialog. But for some illogical reasons they did not.

    David, the only way I know - other than the method you described, with making field required and hiding it (with preset) values from dialogs where it's not needed - is to use sql INSERT triggers with RAISERROR statement after some preceeding logic. 

    With Cloud, I suppose we all have to learn to use Field/Dialog Validations instead of sql triggers


  • This is a bug


    according to Docuware, this is a known bug (obviously known only to them as we have to go thru troublesooting pains).

    The bug is that let's say you have a tasklist (or a result list) with a selection based on a certain index field and then you use 'Change Index Values for ALL Entries" and trying to change THAT index field - then only half of documents are changed.

  • A simple REST API program


    a simple REST API program can be written that when executed would place an annotation (in your case a filled rectangle) in a predetermined position(s) and page(s)  on  some documents (selected by aspecified search criteria). You also can optionally merge the annotaion on documents (providing they are PDFs) by the program so the redaction is permanent or leave them as layers.

  • Joe,


    lists are created and assigned in Docuware Configuration: FileCabinet - Dialogs - Lists. Pretty much intuitive from there. In Cloud Solution only GUI selection filter allowed, but for on-premise system SQL statements may be used. AFter a list is configured and assigned to a user, the LISTS tab should appear in the user's webclient

    As far as licensing goes, it is a bit confusing: though E-mailNotifications & TaskManager are sold under single code, they are listed as separate items in your license view (in Docuware Administrator under Licenses).

    Hope this helps 

  • Task Manager=Lists (tasklists)


    The Task Manager is not much more than Lists (formerly tasklists). Without Task Manager License you do not get Lists available to users. Though very simple easy to configure, lists in conjustion with stamps can be built into very powerful workflows, without a need for Workflow Manager Licesne.

    So if you see LISTS tab in Web Client, it means you Task Manager License is working,

  • Joe Kaufman posted this tool


    check this thread out. The query Joe posted has answer to your problem - for an on-premise install


  • Failed storing to FileCabinet by Import Job

    This would be a behavior if for whatever reasons storage to FileCabinet by Import job fails. The reason of the failure shoudl be shown on documents in the tray - just use table view instead of thumbnails. Most common reasons:

    Disk Capacity Limit reached (and no automatic disk advancement is configured) 

    or if "Select list only" is used on fields bein indexed by the Import Job - the error "Value must be from Select list"

    if metdata file used in Import - wrong name of the field in metadata files


  • Seems to be working as expected

    Robert, though Docuware 6.12 is the very first version where you can restrict which result dialogs and Lists the document relations are available, it seems to be working as expected for me. I suppose, the only trick - to avoid confusions -  is to disable any document relations for all result dialogs you use to display any document relations. This way you can pretty much control whch relations available on which result/lists, and consecutively to which roles/users.


  • Configuring without a license


    to run Docuware Configuration without requiring a license, go directly to your settings website (http://yourserver/docuware/settings) - this also works fo Docuware online, just use https://yourcompanyname.docuware.cloud/docuware/settings) - after logging in, you'd be able to configure anything without consuming a connection license. Running Docuware Administration does not need a license.

    Running Desktop Apps.(on Docuware server, on stand-alone computer, or conencted to Docuware Online) is not that straightforward: running Docuware Import and Docuware Printer does NOT require a license, but running Connect To Outlook and SmartConnect use a license.

    Hope this helps