• Autoindex Job


    you could use an AutoIndex job to format your column from the way it was recognized by IntelligentIndexing to exactly how you want it be presented to users. Now with DW7 new AI features it's pretty simple.

  • Store as 5 separate documents


    You do not have to Unstaple 400 pages, but use a split function 4 times to separate into 5 documents and store them individually, but with the same indexing info, perhaps add a new index feild (Document Section Number?) and have indexed with 1,2,3,4,5 for each document.

    If you want to keep it as a single document, you could still split it in 5 parts, and then add to the tray 4 specially created 'separation' pages (as PDFs - use printing from MSWord to Docuware Printer) which will contain some unique text such as "Document Separation Page", and have all 9 documents stapled in order of alternating document parts and the pages. Store resulting document. 

    Then when you have the document found by search, you could use the Docuware Viewer "Start Fulltext Search"  and "Fulltext search continue" tools to locate your bookmarks (Searching for "Document Separation Page")

  • Docuware 7 on a Domain Controller?

    DW7 installation gives a pre-instgallation check warning that it's being installed on a Domain Controller, but installs just fine and so far I could not see any issues.

    Neither I could find any references to why such a warning being issued.

    Does anyone know?

  • Have you updated your Desktop Apps?


    just a silly thought. But Docuware Administration-online needs to be updated to V7.


  • This is a bug

    (Repost from my previous pst)

    according to Docuware, this is a known bug (obviously known only to them as we all have to go thru troubleshooting pains).
    The bug is that let's say you have a tasklist (or a result list) with a selection based on a certain index field and then you use 'Change Index Values for ALL Entries" and trying to change THAT index field - then only half of documents are changed.

  • SQL View


    I do not think you can use dwcurrentuserlongname variable in Select list SQl Command.

    But here is a view generating statement I was talking about - no need to maintain. Create a view using this, and it'll be dynamic for new users.

    select a.name AS Column1, b.name as Column2 from dwsystem.dbo.dwuser a, dwsystem.dbo.dwuser b where a.name<>b.name

  • Use External MultiColumn Select List


    #1.First, create a 2-column database table with the following entries (following your example above):A/B,A/C,A/D, A/E, B/A, B/C, B/D, B/E, C/A, C/B, C/D, C/E, D/A,D/B,D/C, D/E, E/A,E/B,E/C,E/D (in short, it has all possible pairs except of A/A, B/B, C/C etc)

    Such table can be easily created programmatially from your user list, and if you are good with SQL, you can even do it as a view to your dwuser table (using only column name). For Docuware Cloud system this would have to be done as a table on a local database accessable via local database connector) 

    #2 Create a 2-column Docuware Select list based on the table/view from #1

    #3 Then, add an additional field to your DW FC and to your store dialog, and call it, let's say CurrentUser. In the store dialog make this field a prdefined entry = CURRENTUSERLONGNAME. If wanted, this field may be made 'hidden' in the store dialog.

    #4. And, finally, make your payload field in your store dialog to be a select list only from the  2nd column of the #2 above while filtered on CurrentUser field from #3 being equal column1 from #2 select list.

  • Configuration Works on MAC


    I have a trial cCloud Account which is DW7. I just tried Docuware Configuration from a MAC - and it works just fine. I tried few modules and all worked, both Chrome and Safari. So not to worry.

  • Increasing text field length


    Against Docuware recommendations, I've done the text field length increase a number of times, even on well used FCs, without changing the document header XML files. Needs to be changed in 3 places for each field: in two places in DWFILECABINET table(dwlength and database length tags, and also in dwdata FC main table to change the actual sql column length.

    Never had a problem. The trick I learned is to if not stop all Docuware services completely, at least have Docuware Administaration program closed at the time.


  • Mathias

    Not my position to question competency of Docuware staff involved in making this update such a disaster for all of us. But I know if at my work, or at any of our customers installations, I would undertake an upgrade of any of system components, not even enterprize critical, and as a result the system - upgraded or not - would not be available to users for more than few days (not even a week), I'd be out of my job. And my manager would be out after 2 weeks. I am sure most of us here feel the same.

    I hope you understand how frustraiting and disappointing these weeks - now it's almost 3 - have been to all of us, for community that lives by DocuWare..