• Integration with IDP

    Is it possible to integrate with an external identity provider that supports any of the following protocols?

    SAMLv2. For Web services b.Openid Connect. For mobile or desktop App c. WS-Fed. Microsoft services.

    All this from DocuWare 7.4 OnPremise version?

    Thanks you.
  • Script for validation of tasks in workflow

    Hello good day

    In this opportunity I want to know how to perform a validation within a WorkFlow task as follows:

    If data had been stored in a GV_dias__recordatorio variable, it is mandatory to assign an expiration date.

    I am trying to do it in the following way:

    IF (DW_DATE_OF_EXPIRY = Nothing and GV_dias__reminder <> Nothing)

    Error message: Please indicate the expiration date of the document.

    Thanks for your help
  • Problem with KBA-35471


    I am following KBA-35471 to the letter, which indicates a process to mass load the documents, for this case I want to do it on the option <by definition in the metadata file> however it always throws an error: below I refer the code and the error.

    <ControlStatements xmlns="http://dev.docuware.com/Jobs/Control" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
    <InsertFile path="C:\Doumentos contailidad\DW2.pdf" />
    <InsertFile path="C:\Doumentos contailidad\DW1.pdf" />
    <FileCabinet name="CONTABILIDAD"/>
    <Field dbName="EMPRESA" type="Text" value="EMPRESA DE PRUEBA NUMERO 3"/>
    <Field dbName="A_O" type="Text" value="2021"/>
    <Field dbName="SUBSERIE" type="Text" value="BANCOS"/>
    <Field dbName="TIPO_DOCUMENTAL" type="Text" value="EGRESO"/>

    What other alternative is there? I need to upload more than 20 thousand files massively with 4 indexing fields

  • Is DocuWare compatible with Soap-like webservice?


    Recently a possible integration with a service that receives SOAP webservice has come out. The question is aimed at whether DocuWare can connect to this type of webservices from its native workflow module and if there are any conditions for this type of connection.

  • RE: Integrar con un webservice

    Hello thanks for the help, is there a documentation that can serve as a guide to get the web service to connect to DW and download the document?

    Thanks, again.
  • Integrar con un webservice

    Buenas tardes

    I am reviewing how to generate a webservice which receives a document from Docuware and returns the base64 encoding of the document.

    In order to be able to connect later to another WS method that receives all the information corresponding to this document.

    So, I want to know how a webservice can get a document from DocuWare to convert it to base64, what data is needed so that it can get the document from docuware?
  • Docuware sample break service problem

    Good day

    I have been trying for several hours to get the DocuWare Rest service.

    I have already installed node.js and ran the server.js getting the message "{" Status ":" OK "," Reason ":" Validation web service is up and running "}" now, I am trying to connect from a service cloud to but it always gives me the error "Request task failed with status code" 404: Not found "I feel that the documentation is missing something that I don't know can be.
  • RE: Features about docuware professional 100 users


    One of our clients wants to know what characteristics the onpremise server requires for docuWare professional, approximately 5 processes will be mounted on said server.

    What would be the recommended features?

    RAM, processor, disk.

    Thank you
  • Features about docuware professional 100 users


    Uno de nuestros clientes desea saber que caracteristicas requiere el servidor onpremise para docuWare profesional aproximadamente se van a montar 5 procesos en dicho servidor.

    Cual seria las caracteristicas recomendadas?

    Memoria RAM, procesador, disco.

  • LDAP Docuware Cloud

    I am not sure if the LDAP synchronization option is compatible with DocuWare Cloud and Onpremise in their most recent version, if it is favorable, how can I do it?

    Thank you