• Multilingual FOrms

    Is there a way to have a form in English and Spanish? We have a client that would like their form to be able to be translated into Spanish from English for some users.
  • RE: Removing duplicate documents

    Jon, thank you! That worked perfectly! I basically already had 90% already done by the previous workflow when finding the duplicate. Added the file cabinet search for the original document on the end. I have added a document to the post that shows the workflow and how it was setup. Works as expected and finds the duplicate when a document is stored based on the sales order number. If it finds the duplicate and matches it will change the status of the original document and keep the new updated document. 

  • Removing duplicate documents

    Hello All, have an interesting configuration I am trying to figure out. We have a workflow that runs on new documents stored and checks to see if its a duplicate. If it is then it puts the new document in a list for potential duplicate. However, I have a client that wants to do this but show the older document in the list and not the new document. How would I go about this? essentially want to do the same thing but show the old document in the list for deletion and not the new document stored. 

    Its basically just an updated document. Would I be better off using Autoindex to do this? Once stored, run an auto index on the cabinet and search for the matching criteria then change the match it found status field? 
  • RE: Upgrading from 6 to 7 - Length of file cabinet names

    Steve, I have had this multiple times as well. There really isn't an easy way to fix this.. Even knowing before hand the DB names still have to be manipulated. Its weird that they would even change that requirement
  • RE: Workflow Management Studio

    I think this was a prequel to the process planner online now. Could be wrong, though.
  • RE: Workflow - Multiple Escalations, Escalation to Supervisor

    I was under the impression you HAD to use substitution rules when using the reassign task.. Is this not the case anymore? 
  • RE: Using Desktop Apps with Citrix

    some users use connect to outlook but others don't use it. Is there a way to only have C2O installed on certain users image?
  • Using Desktop Apps with Citrix

    is there any documentation on using Docuware desktop apps in a Citrix environment? Not seeing anything on the KB. See some old information but pertaining to Version 7 and above.
  • RE: server migration 7.1 to 7.2

    Just a quick question on this.... on almost the last step it says this
    • Repeat the uninstall / reinstall steps on All DocuWare Frontend and Backend servers.

    are you saying after you do all this you need to uninstall Docuware and then reinstall it? What is the point of this??
  • Moving a cabinet to new organization

    So, I am trying to move a file cabinet from a server running Docuware at one of our outlying locations. I want to move a cabinet called customer records into another Docuware system on the same network into a cabinet also called customer records. Almost all fields are identical and match. My question, I just want all documents from one server to be moved to the other DocuWare server cabinet. Under synchronization I am seeing Mirror, Synchronization, and custom. What I want to do is to just add the documents from customer records old server to the new server. Keep all files that are currently in the new server but just move the documents from the old server to the new server. I am confused how it is worded. It says all new and modified documents will be transferred one way to target file cabinet. Does this mean any document not modified will not be transferred? I want any document in the cabinet to  be moved to the source cabinet.

    I don't want to choose synchronization because I don't want the documents from the target cabinet to move to the source cabinet.. I want all the documents to stay in the target cabinet but also want all of the source cabinet documents to be moved to the target cabinet without any target cabinet documents being changed.