• RE: server migration 7.1 to 7.2

    Just a quick question on this.... on almost the last step it says this
    • Repeat the uninstall / reinstall steps on All DocuWare Frontend and Backend servers.

    are you saying after you do all this you need to uninstall Docuware and then reinstall it? What is the point of this??
  • Moving a cabinet to new organization

    So, I am trying to move a file cabinet from a server running Docuware at one of our outlying locations. I want to move a cabinet called customer records into another Docuware system on the same network into a cabinet also called customer records. Almost all fields are identical and match. My question, I just want all documents from one server to be moved to the other DocuWare server cabinet. Under synchronization I am seeing Mirror, Synchronization, and custom. What I want to do is to just add the documents from customer records old server to the new server. Keep all files that are currently in the new server but just move the documents from the old server to the new server. I am confused how it is worded. It says all new and modified documents will be transferred one way to target file cabinet. Does this mean any document not modified will not be transferred? I want any document in the cabinet to  be moved to the source cabinet.

    I don't want to choose synchronization because I don't want the documents from the target cabinet to move to the source cabinet.. I want all the documents to stay in the target cabinet but also want all of the source cabinet documents to be moved to the target cabinet without any target cabinet documents being changed.
  • DocuWare Version 7 Migration

    Are there any good details on performing a server migration with Docuware 7? I know there is already a post about this but the instructions given only work if you are using MSSQL not MySQL. The instructions want you to install version 7 on new server then restore the backup to the new DB and then uninstall Docuware. But if you uninstall it gets rid of MySQL info. What is the procedure if using MySQL??
  • Change Sender Address for Workflow

    I assume this is a no but can the sender address that workflow uses be changed? This is a cloud customer. We have a workflow setup that sends an email to a customer after they fill out a service request form. They are replying back to the Docuware sender address and getting kickbacks. Any way to change this?
  • RE: Is there any URL to take a user directly to all their tasks?

    Nathan, the only thing I can think of is to create a workflow and then on the notification you can create a link for the user to click to view their entire task list. Look to see what that is. Then maybe you can use that as a start to figure out what you may be able to do.
  • RE: Update a form field after submitted.

    This was shown at DocuWorld. Not sure how it is actually done. May have to wait until the VM is released or we may never know.. they do that sometimes.
  • RE: Assign to- Variable Funcationality in Workflows

    you just have to recreate the variable and put it as a user/group variable. This was not listed in the changes documentation but is a change. We had the same issue. You have to recreate your variables you used to assign users to use the new user variable. Once you do that, it will then show up as an option to assign with.
  • RE: Move a v7 DocuWare system to a new server

    I contacted support and verified that if the new VM is the same name there is no need to install then uninstall the instance. I can just install the internal database for mysql, drop the DW databases and then restore the backup into mysql. Then just install the rest of the services. This procedure is all because the new VM has same name as the old server.
  • RE: 7.x text shots

    If it is mostly hand writing it could be it. The random letters you see could be it trying to full text the handwriting.. not really sure though on the location.
  • RE: Move a v7 DocuWare system to a new server

    I have the same question as David above. I am getting ready to to do the same thing. Mysql and docuware all on one server. We are moving to a new 2016 VM. The VM will have the exact same server name. We will just rename the old server then move the data. What is the purpose of installing and uninstalling? How do you uninstall but still log into mysql to do the DB restore? I don't have to do any DB manipulation because the new VM will be named the same. Can I just install docuware services, stop all services but internal database then drop the dw databases and restore all the right dw databases?