Veröffentlicht Fri, 15 Nov 2019 19:26:19 GMT von Edward Clarke Community Service Partners Director of Information Technology
I have two questions on this - I'm use to the 6.8 version of DocuWare so I'm not sure how to do this in 7.1.  

1. I have my store dialog working where I have 1 field pull from a fixed list of available document types.  When a user searchs and right clicks to edit the index entrires - they can type what ever they want.  How do you prevent this in 7.1 making sure it's only in the available select list?

2. On store dialog - field one is where they will type an ID - how do I now make that an external sql query to pull back the name of the client in the "client name" field?  So if I type 1234 and I go to the next field I'd like to be able to run a query to fill that in so we don't get staff members spelling a name differently each time.
Veröffentlicht Mon, 18 Nov 2019 08:28:50 GMT von Simon H. Hellmann Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems GmbH IT-Consultant Document Management Solutions
Hello Edward,

1. in the configuration for the store dialog, you can click on every index field in the dialog. At the bottom, you can then choose which select lists should be used. For your scenario, you would want to unselect the "default select list" and select only your "document types". Then, you want to activate the checkmark on the bottom left which says "Only allow entries from select list" or something similar - please excuse the german screenshot.

2. For this, you want to do the same as for 1. The select list you want to use should be an external multi-column select list. in the store dialog configuration you then want to not only choose which select list to use for the specific field, but also which column to use. Do this for both fields, "Name" and "ID". In the actual dialog, it works like this: User enters "1234" in the "ID" field and then can only choose "Mr. Test" for the "Name" field. The other way round works also - User enters "Testy McTest" into the "Name" field and the choices for the "ID" field are then limited to "4711".

Find screenshots here:

Hope this helps.

Greetings from Germany,
Simon H. Hellmann
DocuWare System Consultant
Veröffentlicht Wed, 20 Nov 2019 20:03:28 GMT von Edward Clarke Community Service Partners Director of Information Technology

Hi Simon,

Thank you - I was able to resolve item #1.  I'm still a little stuck on item #2.  I've attached a copy of my store dialog.  I would like it if I can select the RIN from the drop down list and then it populates the name from the client name.  Example, I select 123 and it is associated with Doe, Jane - I would want that to be automatically filled in.  Same if I edit the client name field and remove Doe, Jane and put Doe, John and it would update the RIN field with 124.  Is that possible?  I thought there was a way to filter an index field based off the entry in another.  

Veröffentlicht Fri, 10 Jan 2020 15:09:55 GMT von Tobias Getz DocuWare GmbH Team Leader Product Management
Hi Edward,
nice, that #1 works now. #2 is currently not possible. You always have to use the select list manually.

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