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Does DocuWare have a feature to time out inactive users?

I did some research and this support faq says this feature has since been removed from 6.5

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See this forum post for some information on licenses and timeouts:

Basically, what I have found out just by watching the Connections Overview from the DW Admin Tool (we are running 6.11 on-premise) is the following:

  • When someone is authenticated and starts using a license, it is allocated for 30 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes of inactivity, the expiration time will change to 2 minutes from the current time.
  • Any activity at any point will push the time back to 30 minutes.
  • Doing an explicit "logoff" via the Platform SDK resource will still leave the license in use for 2 more minutes. You cannot get around the 2 minute "feature", as it is there so DocuWare can optimize connectivity.

As that linked thread states, when connecting via a Platform SDK connection in .NET, you can use the same ServiceConnection object and do everything you want under just one license being used.

In non-.NET environments, be sure to use some sort of "global" HTTP request object when you want to use the Platform SDK so that you aren't using another license every time you perform an operation. Because even if you do an explicit logoff for that connection, it will still remain active for 2 minutes. In other words, if you do more than X operations within 120 seconds (where X is your max number of licenses), you will exceed your allocated licenses.

As far as the web client goes, if users do sporadic operations then, yes, they should time out after about 12 minutes -- 10 minutes of inactivity and then 2 more minutes of grace period.

Just sitting and watching the Connections Overviwe in the DW Admin tool (click on the main node for your organization and then press CTRL+P) can be very illustrative. It tells you what is considered just a connection and what burns a license, and by refreshing it you can see when connections go idle and then disappear completely two minutes later (assuming the user remains inactive).

Hope this helps...



Joe Kaufman

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