Veröffentlicht Wed, 12 Jan 2022 09:26:17 GMT von Jalila Manal
Hello community,

Could you please help me to use the auto-increment field in a form?
I've added one, but he keeps asking for a Number group, and I don't know what it is, nor where should I put it.

I've looked on the knowledge database without success.
Thank you in advance.

Veröffentlicht Wed, 12 Jan 2022 19:22:06 GMT von Jon Weston File IT Solutions Sr Application Developer and RIM specialist
Hi Jalila, I also had a hard time figuring out how to configure the number groups - they can also be used without forms so the configuration area is not actually in the forms area but in the file cabinet dialog itself.  They're setup in the store dialog that you're using with the form so you'll need to go into the file cabinet settings, find the store dialog you're using, and then find the field.  When you set the 'Predefined Entry' of the field to "Automatic Numbering" you'll see the bottom of the panel change so you can setup and configure a number group.
Veröffentlicht Thu, 13 Jan 2022 08:56:51 GMT von Jalila Manal
Hello Jon,

Many thanks, I've managed to do it following your instructions.

Thank you again.
Have a nice day.

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