• DW Printer PS

    Is the download link for the DW Printer PS on the SharePoint page that is marked for 5.1c - 6.12 appropriate for the current cloud version 7? I do not see on labeled version 7.


  • Reading barcodes with 1 click indexing

    An end user has complained that since upgrading the system from 6.9 to 7 the ability to read bar codes with 1 click indexing no longer works. I was not aware that this was a feature of click capture and after trying it myself the results are mixed. I have been able to read a bar code correctly on the phone wizard invoice that comes with the sample file cabinet. But I have not been able to read the one on the US-Steel invoice.

    Is this a feature of 1 click indexing? Does it depend on having a Bar Code & Forms license?

    Clues for the clueless appreciated,

  • Appending a page in workflow

    Thanks Casey. I have used the Stapleware Stapler and it is a good solution in some circumstances. However it would not be able to populate a scond page with the data collected during each step of the workflow. To recreate the original process I would need to have the second page already be part of the original document (or created on the fly, which is impossible) and then have that second page get filled in with the data and choices from each of the workflow steps. In my mind I see it as being able to pass a DocuWare Form from step to step in the workflow with each step allowing the user to fill out some part of that second page. I don't think we are there yet. Maybe in version 7.5?

    Thanks again,

  • Appending a page in workflow

    A user has replaced a manual workflow process with one using Workflow Manager. In the original manual process a 2 page document was used. Page 1 collected some basic information and page 2 asked for more details and offerred some choices.

    Page 1 is now replaced by a DocuWare form, collecting the basic info. The info previously collected on page 2 is now collected during the workflow and added to index fields of the document. This leaves the users with no way to visualize the data from page 2.

    It seems I would need a way to create the second page and populate it with the data that is collected during the workflow steps. This would allow the users to see and perhaps print that page.

    I can't think of a way to do this. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Many thanks,

  • Desktop config overrides file

    Desktop service config overrides file

    Where can this file be downloaded for a 6.10 on premises system now that the FAQ site is down?


  • PDF/A

    Version 6.12 on premises.

  • PDF/A


    I think we might need a little update here. I went over this with Alissa and have tested it on my machine as well. To be more accurate, she has an import job monitoring a folder that receives scanned PDFs from a multi-function device to a document tray. If she needs to edit the file she right clicks and chooses 'Download in original format'. Sure enough the file is opened in Adobe as a PDF/A. We checked it several times and the results are the same on my PC as well. Conversly if the file is brought into the tray using the Import icon and procedure repeated, the PDF is opened as editable. It sure looks like DocuWare Import is doing a conversion although I did not expect that result.


  • Silent Install for Cloud System

    Is there any way to push the Desktop Apps install with admin privileges to users on a cloud system? The security policy for this customer does not allow individual users to install or update software on thier own PCs.


  • Upgrade and install on a new server

    Thanks boss, sound like a plan.

  • Upgrade and install on a new server

    I want to upgrade a 6.9 system to version 7 and also move to a new server. I also would like to take advantage of the V2 version of the DW internal database. Can I run the V7 installer on the new server for Database only and then restore to it? I don't think I've seen a way to install V7 components individually.