• Task Lists show in Client but there is no 'List' tab in configuration

    Task Lists show in Client but there is no 'List' tab in configuration. (v6.12 on premises)

    I'm not sure how these Task Lists were created as the end user has no Task Manager license. She did have a trial of Workflow Manager but it has since expired. Perhaps that is what allowed it?

    She now wishes to delete the test file cabinet with which these lists are associated but the dependency prevents that.

    Any clues appreciated

  • Tobias,


    This looks like exactly what I needed. Many thanks.

  • Tobias, thanks for your

    Tobias, thanks for your response. I have an on premises system and I have moved the ERP web service parts from the Peters Engineering demo to my IIS and they do respond. I'm not much of a coder so I would be in the dark making my own service.

    We have a customer who is using a 3rd party invoicer and they want us to send them some info about invoices that have been approved. They have their own ReST API and suggested we use that. I thought if they could provide us with a URL to their service it would be easy for us to use the call from Workflow Manager to send them what they need. But I will have to describe to them what they need to provide in their ASMX. Is there a document that describes the process at a higher level?

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  • Functions Overview

    The most recent DocuWare Function Overview document I can find is for Version 6.9. Does anyone know where I can obtain one for v6.12 (or better yet v7).


  • Web Service URL

    Is there a web service URL that is generally available for testing so that I might get a better look at how that works in the Workflow Manager Web Service activity?

    Many thanks

  • Documents not visible in tray for some users

    In a v6.6 system, some users cannot see any documents in a document tray and others can despite permissions allowing both.

    Any clues appreciated.

  • Number of Select List entries returned

    A customer is using a large Select List based on a text file. After updating the text file and re-importing the select list, some entries, (that are confirmed as being part of the list using the preview function in the admin tool) do not appear as suggestions as the entry is being entered in to the index field. Entries preceding these do show up. Is there a limit on how many entries are returned? If so can the limit be modified?


  • Import CD Request

    A customer is purchasing a new on premises Business Server and has about 12 old CD Request CDs that need to be imported. Does anyone have any best practice advice on how this can be done, or know of an FAQ with instructions?

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  • AutoIndex jobs in DW Cloud

    There seems to be a disconnect between what is shown in the AutoInex monitor on a cloud system and what is shown in the admin tool for that same job. The admin tool displays the correct next and last runtimes according to the schedule but  the monitor does not show any jobs run at those times. Unless I click the 'Start now' link in the monitor nothing seems to actually happen. If I do start it manually it seems to work as expected.

    Any clues appreciated

  • Where clause in List rule

    Thanks Josef. You are, of course, correct. Thanks again.