How to create a File Cabinet synchronization job in version 7 and higher

Access the configurations page via the drop down in the web client next to the user name.

Open the Synchronization plug-in:

Create a New synchronization.

Name the sync job and select the source file cabinet:

Now select the target file cabinet:

Choose your synchronization mode:
Your 3 options are:

Mirror: All new and modified documents are transferred from the source to the target file cabinet.

Synchronization: All new and modified documents are synchronized in both directions.

Custom: Specify which changes are to be transferred to which file cabinet.

Choose your filter (if applicable):

Verify the field assignments:

Set your schedule (if applicable):

Give permissions to users to utilize this sync job:


*NOTE: Please make sure that the field length of the assigned fields are the same. Failure to do so will lead to indexes not being transferred properly.