Posted Wed, 22 Mar 2023 16:29:51 GMT by Tony Graham CIO
I am looking for information relevant to performing updates to Docuware.
I have found KBA-36142 which is fine but falls short in some explanations.

1) Does each update have to be installed sequentially or are they cumulative
to the point you can just go 7.2 -> 7.6?

2) Are there any details on requirements for each patch level?
For instance, is there a point in these patches where say SQL Server must be updated?

3) There is reference to config file changes and ensuring they are restored once the update is
installed. Which specific config files are being referenced?

4) Where does one get a 'current license file' which is in the install instructions. We have a license
file on the server in xml format but it appears to be for 7.2. If there is a requirement to relicense
for each version update, where does that license file come from?

Posted Fri, 24 Mar 2023 17:17:34 GMT by Tobias Getz DocuWare GmbH Team Leader Product Management
Hi Toni Graham,

I think the best would be to contact your DocuWare partner or DocuWare Support / Professional Services involved, but I can give you some hints about it. Generally, updates from 7.2 should be straight forward, but as always you should have a good working backup before trying a change.

1) From 7.2 to 7.6 you can go in one step. This is also documented here: 

2) This can be found in the system requirements: 

3) This is, if you have changed and DocuWare config file manually. This is sometimes advised by DocuWare support in special cases. If you have never changed a config file manual, than you do not have to worry about it.

4) Yes, license files are version dependent. If you have a running support contract, you can get a new license file. A new license file can be created by your DocuWare Partner or DocuWare Support.

Why are you considering version 7.6 and not the most recent version 7.7?

Tobias Getz
Team Leader Product Management | DocuWare GmbH
Posted Fri, 12 May 2023 12:36:51 GMT by David Rutt
Tony, I know your thread it two months old but, just a heads up.  You will need to implement SSL first before your upgrade if you have not already.  

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