Posted Tue, 08 Jan 2019 20:13:57 GMT by Craig Heintz SE

Anybody seen this issue?

User has desktop scanner, scans a page, clicks upload.  At the bottom of the screen no pag icon with the rotating arrow.  User can wait 5 minutes or 50 minutes with no change.  Document goes out of the scanner display page but never shows in the Tray.

If the user tries to scan the page again and does the same steps, clicks upload and then the page icon for both scans (the prior one and the current one) appear at the bottom with the rotating arrows.  Then both documents show up in the Tray (now I have 2).

Seems that the image processing step is not triggering, but I don't know for sure.


Any suggestions?

Posted Wed, 09 Jan 2019 12:40:06 GMT by Josef Zayats


I have seen this on some installs. In most cases disabling AV on certain folders resolved. Here is an extract from KB 34997(

Stop Influence from Real-Time Antivirus Protection
There is a lot of security software available and most of them protect the system by real-time scanning of file changes. This can slow down the system especially if files are checked which are no threat as e.g. database files
Please exclude the following file locations and URL from real-time watching:
   - %ProgramData%\DocuWare\*
   - %TEMP%\DocuWare\*
   - %LOCALAPPDATA%\DocuWare\*
   - DocuWare HTTP Base URL: e.g. http://<servername/IP>/DocuWare/*


Hope this helps

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