If you are working in a proxy server environment with Windows authentication, problems may occur when printing with DocuWare Printer and scanning with DocuWare Web Scan. The reason for this is that the DocuWare Desktop Service system service (part of DocuWare Desktop) is set up by default under the LocalSystem account during installation. However, this account cannot access the access data for the proxy server. DocuWare Web Scan will not display a specific error message in this scenario, but there will be an entry with HTTP error "407 (Proxy authentication required)" in the log file of the DocuWare Desktop Service.

If this problem occurs, please proceed as follows:

  1.      Close DocuWare Desktop and stop the service named "DocuWare Desktop Service"
  2.      Change the service user of the DocuWare Desktop service to a domain user with full local administrator rights
  3.      Start the DocuWare Desktop Service service
  4.      Start DocuWare Desktop
  5.      If necessary, set up a new connection from the DocuWare Web Client

If you receive the error message: "No end point for the service for Web client settings defined", the proxy server address is not stored in the Internet Options of the service user. The same error message appears in the rare case that the server on which the DocuWare server components are running cannot be reached. If necessary, check the availability of the server or the computer's Internet connection.

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