You've recently made changes to your DocuWare licensing, such as added modules, company name change or system administrator change and need to have these changes reflected in DocuWare.

NOTE: This example is for MySQL, MSSQL is similar. Users utilizing an Oracle database need to have their DBA perform this action.

Please follow that steps detailed in this article in order to apply a new license file in MYSQL:

1. Stop all DocuWare Services, except for the Database.

2. Take a backup of the DWSystem Database!

3. Open the DWSystem database and delete all entries from the following tables, in this order:





4. After deleting all entries from the above tables, start Authentication Server Service only with the database.

5. Open the Administration Tool, under your Organization, expand the "General" tab, select License and right-click, then select "Install New License File" and load the new license file.

6. Stop, and then start all DocuWare Services.

The new changes to your license should now be reflected within DocuWare.

KBA applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.

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