How do you setup the example Validation WebAPI Web Service that we have on our GitHub page?

In order to setup the Validations service so that you can begin testing it on your system, do the following,

  1. Download our sample Validation web service at,
    GitHub - DocuWare/Validation-WebAPI-Sample: This example is based on a workshop held on DocuWorld 2019
  2. Open Project in Visual Studios, then Run the project. This will start a temporary IIS instance
  3. In DocuWare, go to Configurations >Web Services, register a new service using the following link, http://localhost:63486/api/validation/post
    Do not include Authentication. 

  4. Associate the web service with a store dialog then test the connection.
    Follow this link for more on this step; KBA-36475

Now you can store and have it validate based on the configuration in the code. You'll need to adjust what's being validated against in the Validator.cs file.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.