What is the difference between SOAP and REST connections when creating a Web Service?

In DocuWare version 7.5, we now have the ability to select what type of connection we want to use when creating a Web Service. Both SOAP and REST are web service communication protocols designed to integrate your third-party applications and software. Understanding the differences between REST and SOAP in DocuWare can better equip you to select the appropriate connection to achieve your organization's desired outcome.

Rest Connection:

  • REST works with a variety of data formats such as Text, XML, HTML, JSON etc.
  • When configuring a REST connection Web Service in DocuWare, you have the option to authenticate with OAuth 2.0. 
  • REST is stateless. This means REST is unable to store certain data from previous sessions.

SOAP Connection:

  • SOAP exclusively works with XML data formats only.
  • When configuring a SOAP connection Web Service in DocuWare, you can only authenticate with a username and password currently.
  • SOAP supports stateful operations. This simply means that SOAP gives you the option to store certain data in the server for future use.

In conclusion, REST offers flexibility in being compatible with a variety of data formats as well as authentication methods. SOAP supports stateful operations, which can be beneficial in repetitive tasks, and storing previous transactions and data.

KBA is applicable for Cloud and On-premise Organizations.