• Checking for specific words in a variable

    I have assigned a short description to a text variable. I would like to know if it is possible, presumably with a condition activity, to check if a string of text contains a specific word, like Approval or Rejection. For example if a variable reads, "Approval Letter for ABC Company...". The company name will be different every time obviously. So I just want to check if the first word in that string is Approval and update a status based on that. If anybody has a better way to achieve this, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
  • Unable to connect to the remote server

    Anybody ever seen this error before when searching for docs in DocuWare. 7.0 on prem system:

  • RE: Combining Document Types in Workflows

    The first scenario is what I am/was trying to accomplish. 2 or 3 different files would be stored, each file type moving through it's own workflow, and then being combined into one document when each individual file has moved through it's workflow. 

    Thanks for the response anyway!

  • Combining Document Types in Workflows

    Is it possible to have various different doc types in one file cabinet combined in a workflow? For example, a web form gets filled out and merged onto two separate doc types. A workflow watches for these doc types, and based on a condition or a status, combines the various doc types into one "packet" and stored into another doc type.