Forgotten Password link does not work

1.) Error message: Failure sending mail

2.) Error message: Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1. Unable to relay

1.) Error message:

This message is not DocuWare related - it is a network issue.
The eMail can not be sent because of blocked ports or other network configurations.

Check if TELNET from a DocuWare Server to the SMTP Server connection (see DocuWare Administration -> DocuWare System -> SMTP Connections -> Instance of the SMTP Connection) is possible.
If there is a separate DocuWare Web Server (for instance in a DMZ) check also whether TELNET is possible form this server to the SMTP server connection.
Ensure that the Port of the SMTP Server is available through the DocuWare servers.

2.) Error message:

This message is not a DocuWare related - it is a configuration issue on the SMTP server.
The mail server refuses to forward the email (called "relaying"). The DocuWare server (or DocuWare Web Server) has no authorization to send eMail from the SMTP server.
Ensure that the DocuWare server or DocuWare Web server (potentially in a DMZ) has the authorization to send eMails from the SMTP server (Anonymous email relaying not allowed)