I would like to write with a Workflow onto a document which is created by the system and then filled with user entries.
Unfortunately it is no possible to write onto a document which is created by the system.


  1. The File Cabinet
    The file cabinet has the same database fields as the fields that are to be written to the form later:

  2. The Printer Configuration
    Create a DocuWare Printer configuration that writes the filled values from the document to the index entries. These are needed later to write the data back to the document. The documents created by the system must be stored with these.

  3. The Form
    Create a form that resembles the original document.
    In the merge configuration, you assign the fields on the document to the fields in the form.

    IMPORTANT: The fields not to be filled in by the user are also required, otherwise the workflow (step 4) cannot write the data to the document. In the 'Output' tab of the merge configuration select 'Yes (fillable PDF)'.

  4. The Autoindex
    Create an Autoindex configuration and let it trigger as follows:

    IMPORTANT: Only start the workflow for new documents. The value Document type = 'Form Config' is created in this example when the form is created.

    In this example, the field "Service Number" is a mandatory field in the form. The autoindex compares this value.
    (Service Number of the document = service Number of the form)

  5. The Workflow
    The workflow only has the task of writing the newly filled index data of the form to the form:

    The workflow in the example has no error handling.

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