You'd like to configure Single Sign-On, but first need to create an App Registration in your Azure Active Directory environment.

Please complete the following to create an App registration in your Azure Active Directory environment;

1. In your Microsoft Azure Active Directory environment, select "App Registration" followed by "New Registration"

2. Name your App Registration, then copy the "Callback URL" from your Single-Sign On configuration in DocuWare and paste it into the App Registration. Click "Register" to save.

3. From your App Registration Overview, click-on "Redirect URIs".

4. Very Important! Enable ID Tokens by checking the ID Tokens box under the Implicit grant section within the Authentication tab of the App Registration. Once completed, save your App Registration.

Once you have completed this App Registration, you can now proceed to configure Single Sign-On. For steps on how Single Sign-On is configured, please see KBA-36308.

KBA is applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.

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