Since upgrading to DocuWare version 7 or higher, the platform logs grow quickly with the following error: "Cannot decrypt FormsAuthentication cookie"

DocuWare Platform tries to utilize a system module named System Security Cryptography, which returns the error message "Cannot decrypt FormsAuthentication cookie."
It is a method / class of .NET framework, which the following Microsoft Support article goes into more detail:

   1.Check if the system is load balanced, cookies may be encrypted through the load balancer. This will need to be disabled as the cookies are already encrypted by default. If enabled, it will create a "double encryption" which will cause this error. This should be handled by your IT administrator or ADP.

   2. Repair all VCRedist .EXE´s from the DocuWare Setup Folder, each Folder contains two .exe files for x86 and x64. You need to install and/or repair both.

Note: If the steps above do not correct the issue, the issue could caused by a broken .NET installation which is not covered under the Standard Support Contract, please reach out to your IT administrator or your ADP for assistance.

KBA applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.

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