You would like to see newly added system fields in the dialogs/result lists.

Please do the following to make these systems fields visible in DocuWare versions 7.4 and higher;

1. Navigate to the "Configurations" page.

2. Open the "File Cabinets" plugin, then select the File cabinet.

3. Go to the Dialogs tab and open the dialog you wish to add the fields to:

4. Unhide the fields from the view by clicking the  icon, then select OK.

5. Once completed, remember to save these changes using the "Save" button located in the top right of web page.

6. Refresh the browser then, you can now see the system fields within the dialogs that you modified.

Note: If you update from 7.3 to 7.4 or higher, you must manually make the fields visible. If the file cabinet was created in version 7.4, visible by product design.

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-Premise Organizations.