You created an Autoindex job using an Access Database file connection. The Autoindex job will not run and seems to be "frozen" or fails with the below error message;
 "ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Undefined function 'COALESCE' in expression"

To resolve the described behavior, complete the following; 
  1. Uninstall all the Access Database Drivers from the DocuWare system.
  2. Download both 32 and 64-bit Access 2010 drivers from Microsoft. This can be downloaded here.
  3. Install AccessDatabaseEngine.exe.
  4. Create the ODBC connection in 32bit to the .accdb file.

  5. Install AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe via CMD by going to the folder of the .exe and run the command: AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe/quiet

  6. Create an ODBC connection in 64bit to the .accdb file. We must use the same name as the 32 bit connection.

  7. Go back to your Autoindex job. In the Match Data tab, set the Processing List to "based on data source"
  8. Lastly, run the Autoindex, which should run without error.

This KBA is applicable to On-Premise Organizations ONLY.