When installing DocuWare, we notice that .NET Core Host Server and .NET Core Runtime 3.1.11 are installed. The system specifications only indicates that .NET 4.8 is required, so is it okay to uninstall these frameworks?

.NET Core Host Server and Runtime 3.1.11 should not be uninstalled from the DocuWare server. Removing these frameworks will result in receiving the "PII Is Hidden" error message when browsing to the DocuWare login page.

Instead, it is recommended to update these frameworks to the latest version, so that you can take full advantage of all the latest security patches available. Download and run the "Hosting Bundle" from the link below to install the latest version of .NET Core Host Server & Runtime. Once confirmed that the latest version has been installed, then you can safely remove 3.1.11 from the system.
Download .NET Core 3.1 (Linux, macOS, and Windows) (

KBA is applicable for On-premise Organizations ONLY.