Information about this KBA:
This article is valid for a user synchronization against a local Active Directory only.

Screenshot of the DocuWare User Synchronization Menu:


Use Case: Only users, who are members of the selected groups (Group Matching Menu) should be synchronized to DocuWare.

Background Information: Active Directories have various kinds of object types, such as group and user.
If a
user is a member of a group, this membership is stored in the member attribute of the group. A group can have several members

If the corresponding LDAP node is selected in the DocuWare User Synchronization App - LDAP User Definition Menu these different options mean:

1. Groups: LDAP node where the Groups are located: Make all objects of type group available in the Group Matching Menu. Create and synchronize only the groups selected in the Group Matching Menu.

2. Users: LDAP node where the Users are located: Synchronize all objects of type user, that can be found within the LDAP node and sub-nodes

3. Include users in selected groups who are not found in the selected user node: Besides the users, that were found in the selected LDAP node in option 2, also include all members of the selected groups.
Image DocuWare User Synchronization
Example Use Case:
4. The AD
Group Object Marketing is located in 
CN=Marketing,CN=Groups,OU=DocuWare A,DC=DW4,DC=local

5. The AD User Object Brian Ford is located in 
CN=Brian Ford,CN=Users,DC=DW4,DC=local and is a
Member of Marketing

The goal of this use case is, to create a new DocuWare User "Brian Ford",
to create a new DocuWare Group called "Marketing"
and to add Brian Ford to this new DocuWare Group as this User is a Member of Marketing.
Solution for this Use Case:
Problem: As the CN=Users holds many other Objects of type
user, which must not be synchronized to DocuWare, the LDAP Node CN=Users can NOT be selected in option 2.

- Activate option 3 and select a User LDAP Node (2), which does not contain any user objects. For Example, CN=TPM Devices.

DocuWare User Synchronization will process the following information
There are no Users in the selected node
There is a Group Matching for Marketing. Marketing will be created as Group in DocuWare
There is a member Brian Ford. This User will be created in DocuWare and also assigned to the Group